The Revolution Will Be Televised: Rev Pro TV #1

Revolution Pro Wrestling is probably the UK wrestling promotion that is closest to my heart. I may have started by reviewing PROGRESS shows due to the nature of their streaming service making it incredibly inconvenient, but Rev Pro were the first UK promotion I ever spent my hard earned cash on. I had the pleasure of meeting Jushin Liger (my personal favourite wrestler of all time), Prince Devitt and Davey Boy Smith Jr., before watching Devitt defeat Liger in the main event. In doing so, I was able to see wrestlers such as Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and Kris Travis, true talent within the UK independent scene. Now, Rev Pro have made it even easier by throwing up a TV show on Youtube every Monday, allowing me to catch it for nothing! What’s more convenient than nothing?

Tiger Ali vs Wild Boar vs Josh Bodom vs Jimmy Havoc vs Ryan Hendricks vs Owen Phoenix (Number One Contender Scramble Match for the Cruiserweight Title)

In terms of matches to open Revolution Pro Wrestling’s stint broadcasting live on Youtube, I can see the theory about utilising this match. It is fun, frenetic and full of wrestlers that may not be household names, but are in a position to be nicely highlighted by this premium opening spot. The involvement of Bodom and Havoc also encapsulates the ‘name’ element, two wrestlers who give some added star power to the line-up. The winner of the match will face the winner of the Rocky Romero vs Will Ospreay match that is the main event for Rev Pro TV #2 for the title.

I’ve only seen half of the men in this match before (Havoc, Boar and a smidgen of Bodom), so I had a chance to check out some new UK talent. Of the three debuts in my wrestling world, I particularly enjoyed Phoenix and Ali – although no one wrestler really had the time to stand out above and beyond initial feelings and responses. Hendricks was also fine, though his work looked a little looser than the rest, and I’m not a huge fan of the gimmick, the man coming across as a CJ Parker clone, which is unfortunate. Tiger Ali has good look with his size and the flowing long hair, though whether the gimmick is a little too stereotypical might be an issue. Phoenix definitely showed his ability to fly, as he nailed a beautiful swanton over the top rope, wiping out several of the wrestlers at ringside. The dives in a match like this are a necessary evil – contrived, but loved by the fans in attendance – and Phoenix’s one was most impressive.

The story of the match was Havoc’s refusal to enter the match, a narrative that was simple, yet enjoyable. He enters the ring a few times; a couple to break up pins, whilst the last time sees him throw Josh Bodom out of the ring and pin Tiger Ali for the victory. Bodom had the match won with a vicious powerbomb back-cracker, but Havoc, ever the opportunist, gets the title shot against the winner of Romero and Ospreay. In an interview afterwards, he promises to defeat whichever man enters the ring against him.

HIGHTLIGHTS OF HIGH STAKES 2015 – (AJ Styles vs. Will Ospreay, Ricochet vs. Marty Scurll, The Hooligans vs. Joel Redman & ???, Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian vs. 2 Unlimited, Sha Samuels vs. Jake McCluskey, Lord Gideon Grey’s Open Challenge, Rocky Romero vs. Josh Bodom)

We are treated to a promo package of Lord Gideon Grey, following Matt Classic’s decision to answer the Open Challenge at High Stakes 2015. Grey is sure that Classic is Cabana under the mask, and along with legal action, threatens to unmask Classic for the world to see the truth.

Doug Williams vs Marty Scurll (Undisputed British Heavyweight Title)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Doug Williams, as do most UK wrestling fans. A consistent ambassador for the UK scene, Williams is always guaranteed to produce matches worth watching. Having Williams front your first show on Youtube is really a no-brainer. Marty Scurll is a man I’ve grown to like more in my trawling through PROGRESS, but in his previous incarnation as ‘Party’. This is my first chance to see him as ‘The Villain’, and I do like the look and the creepy music. He probably needed to update the gimmick to make him more credible, and it seems like he has done the job.

The start of the match works exactly as you’d expect – Williams and Scurll trade holds, though Williams is shown to be the better man on the mat on several occasions, breaking out of holds and then tricking Scurll into difficult predicaments of his own. Following Williams casual dominance, Scurll is able to take control by slamming Williams shoulder first to the mat, before taking him to the outside for some more strikes and abuse.

The slamming of the shoulder is designed to work towards Scurll’s chickenwing, and an abdominal stretch continues that assault. Rather than being content to just use pure wrestling, Scurll uses joint manipulation and stamps to the joins to highlight his ‘by any means necessary’ attitude. Williams’ brief flurries are stopped, until a trading of strikes sees a window for Williams to land a knee in the corner, an overhead belly to belly and a lariat for a double countout tease.

Williams is able to fight off a chickenwing attempt, but is sent to the outside by a rolling elbow, a springboard into a superkick adding insult to injury on a very near ten count at ringside which had me bite on the finish. A flurry of European uppercuts and headbutts has Williams on the verge of the title, and he brings out his big moves, an Exploder and a top rope spinning forearm almost getting him the win. However, the Chaos Theory is blocked, then reversed by Scurll, who rolls-up Williams for the victory. A clever ending, as it keeps Williams as a legitimate contender if they need him, whilst making Scurll look like a man who can also wrestle when he needs to.

To finish off the show, we have James Castle attack Doug Williams, who is saved by Jake Mackluskey to seemingly build a little feud that will develop over the coming weeks.

A good show all in all, that does all it required – highlights some of the new talent Rev Pro has, as well as put on a solid main event in which the champion goes over a name talent. I look forward to Rev Pro #2.


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