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Making PROGRESS: Chapter 7

With the summer holidays in full swing, and me with more time to sit around watching wrestling, I’ve been able to squeeze in my second PROGRESS event of the past week or so – Chapter 7. Unlike previous times, I’m aiming to go less play-by-play-esque style, and look at the matches in a more rounded […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Rev Pro TV #2

  The best thing with the inability to realise that something is happening on a weekly basis is the nice backlog of footage that accumulates when it finally does come time to watch. This is the case with Revolution Pro TV, and I’m already heading straight back in to watch Episode 2, as Will Ospreay […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 4

After a short break for me, I’m back with the next chapter of my tour of the world of PROGRESS wrestling, as I listen to The Ballad of El Ligero in preparation of his shot at Nathan Cruz’s PROGRESS Championship Title. Whilst I don’t want to always open with a plea, please do click on […]