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Making PROGRESS: Chapter 10

Following the huge angle between Jimmy Havoc and Jim Smallman at Chapter 9, PROGRESS does indeed feel like it is starting to kick into a higher gear. The wrestling has always been good, but now we are beginning to see the start of some juicy angles as well. At Chapter 10, the first ever Natural […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 8

I watched this show over a month ago now, but had the misfortune of getting married and going on honeymoon before I could write up my review. Woe is me indeed. Therefore, I’m using my notes but there may be a few areas in which my remembrance of specific aspects of a match might be […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 5

We return to PROGRESS to sample Chapter 5, as a new king takes centre stage, the Natural Progress tournament continues, and the London Riots face their toughest challenge so far. Danny Garnell vs Stixx The opening match features two of the biggest men on the PROGRESS roster, as Danny Garnell faces off against Stixx. I’ve […]