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Making PROGRESS: Chapter 10

Following the huge angle between Jimmy Havoc and Jim Smallman at Chapter 9, PROGRESS does indeed feel like it is starting to kick into a higher gear. The wrestling has always been good, but now we are beginning to see the start of some juicy angles as well. At Chapter 10, the first ever Natural […]

ENDVR-ing to Make PROGRESS: Chapter 1

On the 1st of September 2013, PROGRESS ran their first ENDVR show. The idea behind it was the opportunity to give trainees from the PROGRESS training school a showcase in front of an audience, whilst mixing with some name wrestlers from the main roster. Without knowledge of the quality going forward of the shows, it […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 8

I watched this show over a month ago now, but had the misfortune of getting married and going on honeymoon before I could write up my review. Woe is me indeed. Therefore, I’m using my notes but there may be a few areas in which my remembrance of specific aspects of a match might be […]