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Making PROGRESS: Chapter 8

I watched this show over a month ago now, but had the misfortune of getting married and going on honeymoon before I could write up my review. Woe is me indeed. Therefore, I’m using my notes but there may be a few areas in which my remembrance of specific aspects of a match might be […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Rev Pro TV #2

  The best thing with the inability to realise that something is happening on a weekly basis is the nice backlog of footage that accumulates when it finally does come time to watch. This is the case with Revolution Pro TV, and I’m already heading straight back in to watch Episode 2, as Will Ospreay […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised: Rev Pro TV #1

Revolution Pro Wrestling is probably the UK wrestling promotion that is closest to my heart. I may have started by reviewing PROGRESS shows due to the nature of their streaming service making it incredibly inconvenient, but Rev Pro were the first UK promotion I ever spent my hard earned cash on. I had the pleasure […]