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Night of Champions 2015

On Sunday, Night of Champions 2015 was another offering by the WWE on PPV/Network which couldn’t be classed as a poor show. The only problem with this show is that, unlike a lot of the others, it did very little for me. It felt like the wrestling equivalent of candy floss – nice enough to […]

Summerslam 2015

There were many who questioned WWE’s ability to follow up the excellent NXT Takeover Brooklyn with a Summerslam show anywhere near the quality of what the ‘second string’ offered their New York audience. However, Summerslam delivered. Whilst it may not have been as good as Takeover or had a match as good as Banks vs […]

WWE Battleground

Following a shorter than normal break due to the WWE’s decision to head to the Land of the Rising Sun earlier this month, I’m back looking at the WWE’s latest ‘PPV’ offering, Battleground. With what looks a solid card on paper, if one that is a little unspectacular further down the card, it should hopefully […]