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Wrestling Grab Bag #3: Harley Race/Crusher Blackwell vs The One Man Gang/Tiger Jeet Singh

For this episode of Weird Wrestling from the Interwebs, we head to All Japan, which seems to have its cup flowing over with odd teams competing during the middle of the 1980s. Two of these men ‘make sense’ to me, whilst the other two are a surprise for sure. The match sees Harley Race team […]

Wrestling Grab Bag #2: Tatsumi Kitahara/Rochester Roadblock vs Naoki Sano/Tito Santana

Strange matches in pro wrestling history and the promotions run by Genichiro Tenryu go hand in hand. First in SWS, followed by WAR, Tenryu made a living out of bringing in random men from across the world to team up and fight against each other. Sure, he had his mainstays that formed the backbone of […]

Wrestling Grab Bag #1 – Don Muraco vs Cactus Jack

As strange as wrestling is, what with logic-defying Irish Whips and the enduring legacy of Glenn Jacobs, there are moments when you stumble upon something and just think ‘…..abuh?!’ Due to life’s rich tapestry being represented across the wrestling world, some of the matches that get booked do cause eyebrows to be raised, and that […]