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Roll the Dice #3

After a very WWE article last week, Rolling the Dice has given a much nicer mix to sink my teeth into. As well as my usual trips into McMahon-land, I’ve got two matches from Japan as well as a match from Mexico to enjoy. Like always, there is a mix of the good, and the […]

Roll the Dice #2

Following my initial Roll the Dice column, I’m back with six more wrestling matches randomly selected by software on my computer – US, Puro and Lucha wrestling could be on my menu for today, the only caveat being that I cannot choose myself. With that said, let us get down to a WWE-centric six which […]

Roll the Dice #1

I have a lot of wrestling. If I wanted to, I’m sure I could watch wrestling back to back for a year, and still have many matches that I’ve left untouched. The problem is that it almost becomes a self-defeating process – the more matches I have, the harder it is to find a way […]