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Making PROGRESS: Chapter 13

After a reasonably long delay where I have attempted to undertake over projects, I’m back to cover another PROGRESS event. My ability to follow modern PROGRESS is always hampered somewhat by my desire to try and watch the shows chronologically, so this should be the start of a renewed push to watch more PROGRESS and […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 12

My return to a chronological rewatch of PROGRESS from the beginning to now coincides quite nicely with the quarter century of their numbered PROGRESS efforts (not including the PROGRESS World Cup event, or that the Super Strong Style Tournament ran over two days). In some ways, it is a great place to pick this back […]

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 11

After taking most of the month out to try (and fail, admittedly) NaNoWriMo, I’m back to watching chronological PROGRESS shows in a hope of catching up sometime in the next few years! At Chapter 10, we saw the dastardly deeds of Jimmy Havoc, demanding the title shot that was written into his contract after jumping […]