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A review of various wrestling shows (NWA) from the year 1984. Covers a variety of different promotions, looking at what they offered the wrestling fan in the years leading up to WWF’s takeover.

1984 Year in Review: WCCW 18.02.1984

WCCW 18.02.1984 With over a year since I last spent time on this project, I’d be hoping to return with a bang. Unfortunately, my video editor decided that it didn’t want to play ball, so there will be no gifs for this first article. However, hopefully this won’t detract from a packed WCCW TV show […]

1984 Year In Review: NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 18.02.1984

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 18.02.1984 What I believe is a shortened version of the show at only half an hour, though the way some of these episodes are cut, I could be wrong. I sought out the TV listings, but could only find the listings for the whole show that ran that evening, rather than […]

1984 Year in Review: Mid South Wrestling 17.02.1984

Mid-South Wrestling 17.02.1984 As we head to Mid-South, we are met with the tragic news of David Von Erich’s passing in Japan – noticeably, this is the first breaking of the news in any of the 1984 TV I’ve watched due to the nature of the taped TV during this time period. Bill Watts is […]