Monthly Archives: January 2016

Making PROGRESS: Chapter 12

My return to a chronological rewatch of PROGRESS from the beginning to now coincides quite nicely with the quarter century of their numbered PROGRESS efforts (not including the PROGRESS World Cup event, or that the Super Strong Style Tournament ran over two days). In some ways, it is a great place to pick this back […]

A Wrestling Year – 29.01.1986-04.02.1986 (Part 2)

In some ways, shows like this are the payoff for my time spent watching Ron Bass squashes and Jimmy Valiant shenanigans. A show that consisted of fans’ ‘dream matches’, it allowed the culmination (or escalation) of some of the biggest feuds in the NWA at the time. It was a precursor to the eventual format […]

The Modern Way – Lucha Underground Series 2, Episode 1

I didn’t really use to watch Lucha Underground. I dipped in, dipped out, fast forwarded through episodes and checked out results, but didn’t watch it week in, week out for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was something about the show that just didn’t work for me initially, which […]