Monthly Archives: September 2015

Building an Empire: 1986

Following the relative success of Wrestlemania 1, the WWF decided to make it an annual event with the 2nd running in three different venues. Their PPV calendar was rounded out this year with another show in August dubbed ‘The Big Event’ which was staged across the border in Toronto. The Dream Team (c) vs The […]

Night of Champions 2015

On Sunday, Night of Champions 2015 was another offering by the WWE on PPV/Network which couldn’t be classed as a poor show. The only problem with this show is that, unlike a lot of the others, it did very little for me. It felt like the wrestling equivalent of candy floss – nice enough to […]

Building an Empire: 1985

As of this year, the WWE is celebrating over thirty years of PPVs. From humble beginnings (as humble as you can get with Mr T. in the main event and Muhammad Ali involved, among others), with two shows in 1985 to the monthly PPV extravaganza that peaked during the Monday Night Wars and has continued […]