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Ultima Lucha

I’ll start this with an honest statement: I haven’t followed a lot of Lucha Underground. I dipped in and out at the start, and have then tended to follow results more than watching the actual matches. Ironically, I’ve spent more time trying (and, more often than not, failing) to get into ‘proper’ Lucha (CMLL, AAA, […]

Wrestling Grab Bag #5: Beyond Wrestling and Lucha

On a day to day basis, I’m pushed in the direction of various individual matches that might be worth watching. US, UK, Japan, Mexico – a cornucopia of different countries, let alone time periods. Rather than using this column to showcase one ‘weird’ wrestling match from the internet, this will be used to look at […]

1984 Year In Review: NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 18.02.1984

NWA Georgia Championship Wrestling 18.02.1984 What I believe is a shortened version of the show at only half an hour, though the way some of these episodes are cut, I could be wrong. I sought out the TV listings, but could only find the listings for the whole show that ran that evening, rather than […]