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1984 Year in Review: Mid-South Wrestling 20.01.84

Mid-South Wrestling 20.01.84 Back in Mid-South and the first thirteen minutes of the show are given over to the burgeoning Midnight Express vs Magnum TA and Mr Wrestling II feud. A taped interview with Bill Watts and Jim Cornette is shown, which a cut-in to Cornette interrupting Magnum and Mr Wrestling during another pre-taped interview. […]

1984 Year in Review: NWA World Wide Wrestling 14.01.1984

NWA World Wide Wrestling 14.01.1984 The editing of this version of the show is a bit all over the place, cutting matches into bits and cutting interviews off at weird times. There isn’t even a clear opening, we just head to Dick Slater fighting Keith Larson. Unsurprisingly, Larson is no match for Slater, but I […]