1984 Year in Review: WCCW 14.01.1984

WCCW 01.14.1984

A first trip to WCCW, and a first time viewing a WWE Classic, so there is an immediate step up in video quality. However, kudos has to be given to WCCW in general, as the production values are much better than most of the other promotions I’ve seen so far.

The first half of the show is dominated by two main parts:  highlights from the Christmas Day show main event between David Von Erich and Ric Flair for the NWA World Title, followed by an interview with Buddy Roberts and Michael Hayes (the latter via phone). The Flair vs Von Erich match looks like it could be a very good match, with each big move milked for maximum crowd reaction. Flair (as always in other promotions) looks like he is fighting for his life, and decides the best way to retain his title is an intentional DQ.


The WCCW referee is the ultimate babyface though, refusing to DQ Flair and letting the match continue! David eventually gets the claw on Flair, but this time, a whack around the face with a microphone is enough to cause the DQ. Winner is David, but Flair retains his title.


The Buddy Roberts interview, joined by Hayes later on, is an excellent recap of the Von Erich/Freebirds feud so far. The Freebirds are the current 6-man Tag Champs, but Hayes and Gordy are banned from Texas (I can only imagine due to previous matches in the feud leading to ban stipulations). However, The Freebirds won the title in Georgie, where the Iron Claw is banned. Just a very good angle, which makes the 6-man Tag Titles seem incredibly important. When Hayes joins on the phone, a lot is made of Hayes dressing as Santa and attacking the Von Erichs on the Christmas show – the ultimate heel move if the announcers are to be believed.


What follows is a match I struggle to remember properly (it’s been a week or two since I watched this), but I do remember my confusion over the result. Buddy Roberts fought John Mantell to a time limit draw, which really doesn’t quite fit with the importance of Roberts in the promotion. Whilst he is always viewed as the weaker link of the Freebirds, having a man in the main event feud draw on TV just doesn’t quite work for me. The match was perfectly fine from what I can remember, but clearly nothing exceptional.

The second match of the night was due to see Chris Adams vs Black Gordman, only for Jimmy Garvin to turn up. Before this, there had been an explanation that Garvin’s US title had been held up, due to his use of ropes for leverage in a match against Adams. Garvin is here to challenge Adams to a match right now, but naturally decides to jump him mid promo.


This allows the unfortunately names Black Gordman to try and take advantage of this attack, only for Adams to roll him up in about 30 seconds for the victory.


The main event of the evening is an interesting one as The Missing Link fights against Kerry Von Erich. The match begins with Link attacking Erich before the bell with a top rope headbutt.


The Missing Link controls most of the match, and as this is the first match I’ve seen of him, I’m pleasantly surprised by The Missing Link. His repertoire is very headbutt heavy, but he works well as a crazy heel. The main storyline here is that Link has been bought by Skandor Akbar, and the end sees a double DQ as Akbar and Kevin Von Erich end up getting into the ring after a ringside chase.


All in all, an interesting show. The Freebird vs Von Erich feud is a great feud, and the highlights of the Von Erich vs Flair match is good. The main event was also very entertaining.

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