1984 Year in Review: Rounding out January

NWA World Wide Wrestling 28.01.84
Jimmy Valiant & Dory Funk Jr. defeated Bill White & Ben Alexander
The Assassins defeated Brickhouse Brown & Sam Houston
Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Ivan Koloff fought Angelo Mosca Jr. to a draw
Rufus R. Jones defeated Gary Royal
Mark Youngblood defeated Tony Russo
Ernie Ladd defeated John Bonello

To be honest, as you look at this card, you can see that any in-depth analysis wouldn’t exactly make it seem any more worthwhile than it appears on paper. The main match of the evening was the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title match between Ivan Koloff and Angelo Mosca Jr, and it was the first time I didn’t think that Mosca Jr. completely sucked. I’m going to assume that is primarily down to Koloff and the story that was being told (wiley veteran vs headstrong rookie), but it was definitely watchable. Mosca Jr. showed he could hang with Koloff, and the rematch (if I remember correctly) is booked for the following weeks show.

Jimmy Valiant, Dory Funk Jr and Rufus R. Jones continue to be people I couldn’t really give a crap about, The Assassins remain a fairly pointless commodity and I’d like to see Ernie Ladd in a programme of some sort – his size and charisma are impressive, but he seems to be aimlessly squashing people at the moment and that is about that.

 World Class Championship Wrestling 28.01.84

As a promotional show for a big even that was coming up in the near future, they repeat a couple of old matches to drum up interest.

The Freebirds fight against The Von Erichs (Kerry, David and Kevin) in a WCCW 6-Man Tag Team Title match, two out of three falls. Unsurprisingly, it was one of the best matches I’d seen up until now. Terry Gordy helped the Freebirds take the first fall with a flying cross body off of the top rope, whilst a double clothesline put Buddy Roberts down for the 3 to even the score at 1-1. Finally, Kevin hits a spinning flying cross body to get the win for the Von Erichs. The crowd were fired up for this as you would imagine, and it just adds to what was a very good 25 minute match.

The second match we see from before was another David Von Erich vs Ric Flair match. Very much like the one before, with Flair trying to keep David down and David fighting from underneath, it ended surprisingly with David Von Erich getting the win with the Iron Claw.

In the only match that seemed to be ‘new’, David Von Erich fought The Missing Link. The usual stalling and stooging gave way to The Missing Link generally beating down David for the duration. As soon as The Link looks in trouble, the Super Assassins jumped in for the DQ.

This is were the edit of my show was a bit weird. We get a couple of short clips to finish off – one showing the Von Erichs vs The Freebirds with the focus being Mike Von Erich. This is followed by Mike Von Erich answering an open challenge by Michael Hayes (after Iceman King Parsons is a no-show) and rolling him up instantly for the quick victory. Strange.

January – Stock Rising

Ivan Koloff

He may be ancient, but I have really enjoyed getting to see more of Ivan Koloff’s work. He just feels legitimate, and he is a very good promo as well. Any man who can drag a good match out of Angelo Mosca Jr. must be doing something right.

Dick Slater

The ‘new NWA World Champion’ angle is probably the best one going at the moment, mostly due to Dick Slater’s excellent work in the promos surrounding it. The month started off with his brutal assault of Greg Valentine and finished with him going head to head with Ric Flair. Just great stuff all round.

The Midnight Express

I mean, I already really enjoy the Midnight Express, but when you get the opportunity to watch them after a bit of a lay off, you are reminded of how good they are as a team. Great double team moves, and Jim Cornette in their corner – can’t ask for much more. The Midnight Express vs Magnum TA/Mr Wrestling II feud is probably the only feud/angle that comes anywhere near to Dick Slater as NWA Champion in terms of angle.

Don Kernodle

Whilst I could have listed the team of Kernodle and Bob Orton Jr., Kernodle just came as more of a shock to me. A very good and enjoyable wrestler to watch, with some nice moves to boot. Great addition to Slater’s little stable.

Masao Ito

Just to round this out as a top five, I might as well throw this guy into the mix. It does entirely depend on where they go with him, but I’ve enjoyed his debut, and his slaughter of jobbers has been very enjoyable. His seeming allegiance with the Russians is an interesting development going forward.

Stock Falling

Angelo Mosca Jr.

Fuck Angelo Mosca Jr.

Jimmy Valiant

I’ve got no interest in him. He is clearly a huge favourite with the crowd, but he just bores me to tears in everything I see him in. The fact that I’m sure he will take up the bulk of TV time on this show time immemorial is worrying.

The Assassins

Bland, bland, bland. No reason to care about them, and they offer so little as an interesting tag team.

Paul Jones

Might as well just include everyone in this feud. Paul Jones just looks awful next to Jim Cornette on Mid-South and Gary Hart in the NWA. Held up against them, he just looks incredibly poor in comparison.

Brian Adidas

I can see why a company would look to push him, as he is an athletic big buy – but he has no charisma whatsoever. I’ve been left with no real reason to care for him, and I hope that Ito uses the throat claw on him and gets him off my screen for the foreseeable future. This was mostly so it wasn’t an NWA World Wide Wrestling whitewash – I probably should have included Rufus R. Jones on this list – an incredibly poor man’s Dusty Rhodes.

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