1984 Year in Review: NWA World Wide Wrestling 04.02.1984

NWA World Wide Wrestling 04.02.1984

As always in the world of NWA World Wide Wrestling, we hit the ring part way through a match with no indication of who is fighting who. Always a joy. In the ring this week is the team of Wahoo McDaniel, Dory Funk Jr., and Rufus R. Jones, (any face that isn’t currently doing anything of note, so it would seem) who are facing off against Bill White, Gary Royal, and Hans Schroeder. Whilst I may not care about anyone in this match, I can’t argue that the face team is over with the crowd. We get two minutes of action before Rufus Jones headbutts one of the jobbers and falls on his for a pinfall. To the bigger picture, ultimately pointless.


The big rematch is next, as we get Ivan Koloff defending his NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title against Angelo Mosca Jr. As mentioned before, Koloff actually made Mosca Jr. interesting last time, and does his best again. The actual story of the match isn’t bad, as work on Koloff’s leg feeds into the finish as he collapses whilst trying to slam Mosca Jr. Seeing this as his opportunity, Jr. heads to the top rope and nails a crossbody for the title victory. Dad joins him in the ring for the celebration.


The Assassins are another group of men I don’t really care for, but here they are squashing another bunch of jobbers. One fact of note coming out of this match is that it is against Mark Fleming and Brett Hart – otherwise known as Barry Horowitz. This caused me no end of confusion, as I could never quite get the shot of ‘Hart’ in the ring that would confirm whether it was the one from Calgary or not. The action is pedestrian, the finish below.



Just as Mid-South are, the NWA are running a tournament for their TV Title, and we get a match from the tournament in Mark Youngblood and Barry Orton. The commentary in particular seems very high on Youngblood, and after a fairly competitive match (yet also fairly short), Youngblood hits a crossbody for the victory. More of interest is the suggestion that next weeks show will see Greg Valentine vs Ernie Ladd in another match from the tournament.


What follows is a strange interlude, as we cut to a two minute match between Junkyard Dog and Mr Olympia from Mid-South. This is the first big sign of the NWA alliance in action, as this seems to be promoting a possible JYD run in the near future. The match is two minutes long, and ends when JYD takes a foreign object out of Olympia’s boots to then blast him in the face with it. The ref seems to see and doesn’t particularly mind. There is no real indication of when this match comes from, which also doesn’t really hurt.


Tim Horner faces everyone’s favourite jobber, Tony Russo, in the semi-main of this evening’s show. Horner is able, but bland (as he would be in his runs in SMW and WWF), pinning Russo with a Thesz Press.


The ‘main event’ (read: last match on the show) sees Dick Slater fighting Vinny Valentino. For a squash match, this instantly is raised above the other matches this evening due to not only Dick Slater being in it, but also by having some form of storyline attached. Slater is lazy, Valentino makes him look silly in a couple of the altercations, Slater gets pissed off and steamrollers through the poor boy. Slater finishes him off with a jumping elbow from the top rope.


In between matches, we see the usual advertisements for the up-coming local shows. Koloff and Mosca Jr., Valentine/Slater and Slater’s belief in himself as the ‘real World Champion’ are the main angles being played out in the local markets.

A decent enough show, with an entertaining enough Koloff/Mosca Jr. match probably offering the most in terms of interesting action. Too much of the other stuff that is on offer is just a little bland unfortunately – some new names/faces need to come in as people like Funk Jr., McDaniel and Jones just don’t really cut it at this point in time.

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