1984 Year in Review: Mid-South Wrestling 27.01.1984

Mid-South Wrestling 27.01.1984

In an exciting opening to this week’s Mid-South TV show, we head to the ring for a non-title match between The Midnight Express and Magnum TA/Mr Wrestling II. This is a fun little match, with the build naturally being to the Magnum TA hot tag, at which point the crowd goes crazy. A non-finish is the obvious way for things to go, and after Jim Cornette low-bridges Magnum TA, he passes his belt to Bobby Eaton and they begin to beat down the champions for the DQ loss. A longer match between the two teams can only be a good thing further down the road. An interview that follows with Mr Wrestling II shows that the Midnights didn’t hold back, as there are some huge welts on the man’s torso.



We then have two matches involving the former Tag Team Champions, as Butch Reed faces Mike Starbuck before Jim Neidhart faces Mickey Henry. Neither of the jobbers get any offense, Reed beating Starbuck with a flying shoulderblock (after hitting him with the gorilla press slam, his usual finisher) and Neidhart downing Henry with a meaty clothesline. The big angle here happens at the end, as Reed attacks Neidhart – throughout the commentary on both these matches, the dissension between the two following their loss was played up, and it looks like we are heading into a singles feud with the two men.




Masao Ito is an interesting character and one I look forward to seeing being developed (hopefully) over the next few shows. He is against poor Joe Savoldi, and Savoldi picks up the win by DQ as once again, Ito uses the choke hold. Ito will need to start picking up wins, in my opinion, to start to move past his initial shock and awe debut.


The Russians (Krusher Darsow and Nikolai Volkoff) face off against Brian Adidas and Terry Taylor in the next match. For the second week running, we have a substitution, as apparently it was supposed to be Jim Duggan rather than Adidas. The Russians control most of the match, with the obvious build once again being to the hot tag to Taylor. As this happens, the match breaks down completely with all four men brawling away. Then, surprisingly, Masao Ito makes a return, attacking Brian Adidas to hand the face team the DQ victory. Other wrestlers from the locker room attempt to stop Ito, but only a Taylor punch seems to rock him, leaving him to stumble away from ringside.


The main event of the evening sees Buddy Landell vs Lanny Poffo. A decent match given a good portion of time, they brawl outside the ring and Landell is constantly caught off guard by Poffo’s unorthodox offense. A couple of close falls hint at the upset, but eventually, Landell pins Poffo with his jumping elbow drop.


All in all, a decent show. The angles in Mid-South just excite me more than anywhere else at the moment, really. It makes NWA World Wide Wrestling TV shows look particularly weak in comparison.

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